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Simba International Finance

We are a corporate finance advisory firm providing services to companies and government agencies concerning their ventures primarily in sub-Saharan African Markets.

About Us

Simba International Finance, LLC (Simba): We are a Financial Consulting Firm which provides financial services consisting of debt and equity funding, financial advisory and political risk insurance origination for small and midsize enterprises.  Our primary market focus is the frontier and emerging markets of sub-Sahara Africa.  We maintain offices are Jacksonville Florida and Maplewood New Jersey.  Collectively, our professional team has over 120 years of professional experience and know-how.  We are ready to provide services to companies who see and are capable of taking advantage of the opportunities offered in the frontier and emerging markets.

History and Background: Simba International Finance, LLC was formed in December 2006 by bringing together several business and finance professionals experienced in the Sub-Saharan markets. As a result of heritage and business experience in the region, we know and understand the conditions and circumstances of sub-Saharan Africa. Our team has experienced the regions up and down economic history and subsequently acquired a keen realization of the resources necessary to take advantage of its emerging market opportunities. We share a common vision of a bright economic future for the region. This vision is only achievable through proper economic, business and financial leadership.

Our Passion and Mission: We are a highly skilled professional group, possessing international economics, business, accounting and finance experience with a passion about the development and growth of the sub-Saharan Africa markets. We are committed and dedicated to contributing quality professional services and resources on behalf of our clients. We will leverage our knowledge and experience to achieve our clients’ business and financial goals, objectives and to carry out our passion.

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