Sub-Saharan Africa

Emerging Business Opportunities

As the gross national products (GNP) for certain Sub-Saharan African countries continue to reflect a trend of consistent growth, the business potential and opportunities for sub-Saharan Africa will also continue to grow in most industries and segments. For example, we see significant need and activity for the following areas:

  • Utilities-Electric generation and alternative energy sources
  • Telecommunications
  • Housing and Real Estate Development
  • Healthcare
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Agri-business
  • Mining

Collectively, our professional team is substantial and we are ready to provide our financing services to companies who see and are capable of taking advantage of the opportunities offered in the sub-Saharan African markets.

Challenges Facing The Region

Equal to the region’s business potential and opportunities are its challenges. Before opportunities can flourish, the region’s markets must address a combination of prevailing adverse economic, business and financial issues unique to it. The most important challenging issue in our view is having access to sufficient and adequate private capital inflows for continued economic and business growth. This issue has several underlying contributing factors, they being government rules and regulations, management and professional services capabilities.

We are cognizant that these items have the potential to be issues in every transaction that we do in sub-Saharan markets. Therefore, it is our policy and goal to reduce unreasonable risk, to the extent possible, providing our capital sources with the confidence to invest and lend in the markets of the region. We always take into consideration effective mitigating strategies that conquer potential adverse conditions and circumstances in connection with our financial advisory activity.

The following is the general description of categorical issues and our policy and approach for overcoming them.

Private Capital Sourcing

Historically, sub-Saharan Africa has not had its share of global capital for developing and maintaining vibrant economies and markets. This is as a result of internal issues which created skepticism and a lack of confidence for offshore lenders and investors in sub-Saharan Africa. We realize the concerns capital sources have relative to sub-Saharan Africa. Consequently, we recruit, inform and maintain relations with significant capital sources for private placements for the sub-Saharan markets. This is based upon a policy of establishing mutual trust and by extending our commitment and dedication to quality services that include covering our clients’ environment, industry and company conditions and circumstances.

Government Rules and Regulations

Compared to other developing regions, sub-Saharan Africa has subjected foreign investment to excessive and discriminatory regulation. We maintain quality access to economic and business research and data and quality government relations resources for understanding the impact of applicable government rules and regulations on our clients’ transactions. We consistently take this into account with the objective of mitigating any adverse affect.

Management and Professional Services Capabilities

We understand and recognize the invaluable function that quality management and professional services personnel contributes to the enterprise and the market system. Management and professional services personnel is an extremely important consideration in a financing decision, therefore, the company’s officers and directors should realize that inadequate, or unqualified management in any aspect of its business, in relation to executing the objectives, goals and strategy of the business plan, could result in a denial of its financing request. We review in-depth the organizational structure, backgrounds and experience profiles of the management and professional services support personnel of our clients. As a result, we devote a substantial amount of advise and strategy to the company concerning its management in order to positively affect its corporate financing plans.


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